Now Available! The Leiden Guidelines on Digitally Derived Evidence (DDE)

Over the course of three years of accumulated legal research and analysis, the Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum on International Humanitarian Law (KGF) and the Leiden IHL Clinic’s DDE Project has culminated in the creation of the Leiden Guidelines on the Use of Digitally Derived Evidence in International Criminal Courts and Tribunals (the “Leiden Guidelines”).

Hosted within the online and accessible Leiden DDE Database, the Leiden Guidelines are a series of overarching standards derived from the treatment of various categories of DDE by international criminal courts and tribunals, including videos, photographs, aerial and satellite imagery, intercepts, call data records and audio recordings. The DDE Database also houses legal reports and case summary resources on the treatment of DDE in Fact-Finding Missions and before domestic and international courts and tribunals. These resources serve to enhance the adjudication of international crimes with research-based guidance for practitioners and civil society actors on adhering to evidentiary standards applied to DDE by international accountability fora.

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