Calendars 2020: Posters for Protected Persons

In 2019, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions, The Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum coordinated an art competition ‘Posters for Protected Persons’. The competition provided an alternative method of engaging people around the world with the Conventions, as it sought to inspire participants to reflect on the realities of armed conflict and to use their creativity and artistic talents for the promotion of humanitarian values and norms that are binding in times of armed conflict. Participants to the art competition were encouraged to submit artwork that reflects one or more of the avenues that are provided by the Geneva Conventions, or IHL more generally, to limit the suffering of those affected by armed conflict.

This calendar for the year 2020 features outstanding submissions to the competition.

Click on the image to see and download the calendar in portrait orientation.

Click on the image to see and download the calendar in landscape orientation.

Finalizing your calendar

STEP 1:   Print the PDF on A4 or A3-sized paper, hereby selecting one-sided printing and “fit to page” under printing options. You can use slightly thicker paper, for example 120 gsm, but ‘regular’ printing paper of 80 gsm will also be sufficient.

STEP 2:   Besides twelve calendar sheets (one for each month), the calendar also includes a front cover and a back cover. The back cover should be turned around, facing outward.

STEP 3:   Punch a hole in the very center on the top of the calendar and arrange a little thread, which will serve as a hook in order to hang your calendar on a wall. If you used relatively thin paper for an A3-sized calendar, you may want to increase stability by arranging two hooks on top of the calendar in equal distance from the page margins.

Your calendar is now ready to be hung!