This will also include our 3rd annual KGF summer school "IHL in Theory and Practice"...

Production of KGF‘s first IHL MOOC has started: Yesterday, KGF staff members Dr. Robert Heinsch and Ms. Cinny Buys, LL.M. together with their colleagues Joasia van Kooten and Monique Snijder from the Leiden Centre for Innovation started with the production of the KGF‘s first IHL online course “IHL in Theory and Practice”. The course is expected to go online on Coursera in October 2018.

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KGF Director Prof. Dr. Robert Heinsch will initiate a new International Humanitarian Law Clinic at the Institute for the Law of the Peace and Armed Conflict (IFHV) at Bochum University, Germany, as of April 2018. The Leiden IHL Clinic will continue with its activities during this time.

Like the IHL Clinic in Leiden, the Bochum IHL Clinic will enable selected students to learn through experience by applying legal theory to real-world situations. Students will conduct research on projects for real-life cooperation partners in the humanitarian field, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, the German Red Cross, and other humanitarian organisations.

For more information, see:

The programme for this year's International Humanitarian Law Summer School is online!

Want to find out more? Visit

#summerschoolleiden Leiden Law School City of The Hague - Municipality

International Humanitarian Law Summer School

The programme for this year's International Humanitarian Law Summer School is online! Want to find out more? Visit #summerschoolleiden Leiden Law School City of The Hague - Municipality

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A nice summary of the Frits Kalshoven competition with some sound bites from the Leiden team 🙂

Congratulations to the Leiden University team for winning second place during the 2018 Frits Kalshoven Moot Court Competition on IHL last Saturday, and for receiving the award for best role play! This year's pleadings focused on naval warfare. KU Leuven made first place.

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The Leiden IHL team has started their pleadings at the finals of the 2018 Frits Kalshoven Competition where they are facing again the team from Leuven University as already last year... Good luck!

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Last week, KGF Director Dr. Robert Heinsch gave a lecture on contemporary challenges in the field of International Humanitarian Law during the anniversary of the Prof. mr B.M. Telders International Law Society ('Volkenrechtelijk Dispuut Prof. mr B.M. Telders'). A fitting subject, as the Telders Society commemorated its former honorary chair Professor Frits Kalshoven, who passed away last year.

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On Wednesday, 7 February, Ms. Sofia Poulopoulou (LL.M.), PhD fellow at the Forum, opened the annual Symposium on International Humanitarian Law of the Netherlands Red Cross Student's Desk Leiden.

Sofia gave a very interesting introduction to International Humanitarian Law (IHL), and spoke on the origins of this field of law, its most important principles, and the applicability of IHL to certain situations.

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Last month, on 16 January, Prof. Liesbeth Zegveld, Judge Christopher Greenwood and KGF Director Dr. Robert Heinsch commemorated the life of Prof. Frits Kalshoven during a lecture at the Asser Institute.

Interested? A short report of the lecture can be found here: