Summer School on International Humanitarian Law in Theory and Practice

Since 2016, the Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum on IHL hosts an annual IHL Summer School: “International Humanitarian Law in Theory and Practice”. The Summer School is designed by Dr. Robert Heinsch, in cooperation with the colleagues from the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies and in close cooperation with the Netherlands Red Cross. This unique programme brings together students and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, experience and perspectives. The IHL Summer School gives a broad overview of the laws of armed conflict, and offers a range of opportunities to test the acquisition of knowledge through interactive exercises. This includes a paintball simulation game and a Moot Court at the end of the week.

A long list of IHL experts cover, amongst others, the classification of conflicts, protection of the civilian population, combatants and prisoners of war, the rules governing the conduct of hostilities, and the law of non-international armed conflict. In seven days, you can enjoy about 34 hours of workshops, lectures and educational field trips. Previously, our students enjoyed lectures from: Judge Fausto Pocar (International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia), Dr. Knut Dörmann (International Committee of the Red Cross) and Prof. Terry Gill (Netherlands Defence Academy), among others. Last year, the students visited the International Criminal Court and the Archives and Tracing Unit of the Netherlands Red Cross.

Excited? You can apply here for our 2019 Summer School!

Testimonials Summer School

I really enjoyed this course with a variety of topics, and meeting with people from different backgrounds.”

“I like it how the course provided a balance between theory and practice.”

“I thought it was excellent because I came here with little knowledge of IHL, and I am leaving with so much more.”

“I enjoyed the course very much. This was my first detailed introduction to this area of law. I have decided that this the right place for me.”

IHL Summer School 2017

“The International Humanitarian Law Summer School at The Hague was a rewarding and fantastic experience. I had the opportunity to learn from world-renowned experts at a prestigious academic institution, Leiden University, in the International City of Peace and Justice. The organization and presentation of the course were very professional, and the university staff, especially the coordinators, welcomed us with open armed and made The Hague feel like home. I cannot recommend this Summer School enough. It was a unique experience and a fantastic networking opportunity.”