Director & Professors

Dr. Robert Heinsch LL.M.

Dr. Robert Heinsch is an Associate Professor of Public…

Dr. Giulia Pinzauti

Dr. Giulia Pinzauti is Assistant Professor at Leiden…

Prof. Helen Duffy

Prof. Helen Duffy has been a staff member…

Prof. Horst Fischer

Prof. Horst Fischer is Professor of International Humanitarian…

Dr. Emma Irving

Dr. Emma Irving is Assistant Professor of Public International…

Researchers & PhD Candidates

Ms. Christine Tremblay obtained her law degree (BCL…

Ms. Sofia Poulopoulou, LL.M.

Ms. Sofia Poulopoulou is a PhD fellow at…

Ms. Yudan Tan graduated from Southwest University of…

Ms. Cinny Buys, LL.M.

Ms. Cinny Buys holds an LL.B. degree from…

Ms. Johanna Trittenbach, LL.M.

Ms. Johanna Trittenbach studied political science and international law…

Mr. Neil Cockerill, LL.M

Neil Cockerill works as a guest researcher and junior supervisor…

Mr. Mahan Charmshir, B.A.

Mr. Mahan Charmshir works as a guest researcher and…

Associated & Former Staff

  • Ms. Anamika Misra, LL.M.
  • Dr. Helen Beckmann-Hamzei
  • Dr. Emilie Kuijt
  • Dr. Erik Koppe
  • Ms. Catherine Harwood, LL.M.
  • Dr. Giulio Bartolini
  • Dr. Ahmed Khalifa
  • Dr. Emilia Richard
  • Mr. Daniel Møgster, LL.M.
  • Dr. Joseph Powderly
  • Dr. Luigi Prosperi
  • Mr. Rogier Bartels, LL.M.
  • Ms. Kaetlin Gale, LL.M.
  • Mr. Nicholas Ortiz, LL.M.
  • Ms. Janine Ensing, LL.M.
  • Mr. Jeroen van den Boogaard, LL.M.
  • Mr. John Doyle, LL.M.
  • Mr. André Nwadikwa-Jonathan, LL.M.
  • Ms. Rebecca Devaney, LL.M.
  • Ms. Thyla Fontein, LL.M.
  • Ms. Junli Lim, LL.M.
  • Mr. Louis Léonet, LL.M.
  • Mr. Øyvind Ege
  • Ms. Claerwen O’Hara, LL.M.
  • Mr. Arjen Vermeer, LL.M.
  • Ms. Lotte Chevalier, LL.M.
  • Ms. Maryse Hazelzet, LL.M.
  • Ms. Florence Hénaut, LL.M.
  • Ms. Claire Henderson, LL.M.
  • Ms. Eva Linaki, LL.M.
  • Mr. David Köller
  • Ms. Anja Jovovic, LL.M.
  • Ms. Anne Lorenzat, LL.M.
  • Ms. Pauline Malek, LL.M.
  • Ms. Nuria Perez Cuso, LL.M.
  • Ms. Nathalie Simpson, LL.M.
  • Ms. Delia Spataru, LL.M.
  • Ms. Wieteke Theeuwen, LL.M.
  • Ms. Geirrun Tomasdottir, LL.M.
  • Mr. Floris Tan, LL.M.
  • Ms. Florentine Vos, LL.M.
  • Ms. Reka Hollos, LL.M.
  • Ms. Anne Plouy, LL.M.
  • Ms. Safi van ‘t Land, LL.M.
  • Mr. Abdullahi Abdulrahman Abdalla, LL.M.
  • Ms. Manuela Rüegger, LL.M.


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The Netherlands Red Cross seeks to prevent and…

The German Red Cross is a member of…

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights…

Headquartered in White Plains, New York, the Planethood Foundation…

Amnesty International is a global movement of more…

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OAM Consult is a specialized provider of advisory…

Academic Partners

Prof. Laurie Blank is Clinical Professor of Law and…

Adv. Yael Vias Gvirsman is Programme Director of the…

Dr. Giulio Bartolini is Associated Professor of International Humanitarian Law and…

Prof. Robert Heinsch founded the Bochum IHL Clinic in 2018,…

Centre for Innovation

The Centre for Innovation prepares Leiden University for…