In 2003, Hennie and Diedi Gieskes-Strijbis initiated the ‘Stichting Spaarne Fonds’ in order to financially support charitable causes including projects which endorse environmental protection; medical research; maintenance of western freedom rights and democratic values; and the promotion of art and culture.

Unfortunately, Hennie and Diedi Gieskes-Strijbis both passed away shortly after the establishment of the ‘Stichting Spaarne Fonds’. In 2008, the name of the foundation changed into the ‘Gieskes-Strijbis Fonds’. The equity capital of the fund compromises the legacy of Hennie and Diedi Gieskes-Strijbis. The expenditure objectives of the fund have remained the same. Criteria which ware decisive to receive fund to support projects, include ‘concrete’, ‘young talent’, ‘distinctive’ and ‘making a difference’.